How can a Tyrolean biochar company establish itself as a thought leader across digital channels?


Thanks to a comprehensive package that included content production and the management of social media and newsletters, the biochar company was able to create digital highlights that emphasized and made accessible the uniqueness of their sustainable production. This included the video series "We are going Net 0," which explained and illustrated their unique process of becoming a carbon-neutral company. Furthermore, engaging content such as a virtual power plant tour and an explanatory e-book were produced for the target audience.

Episode 1 of the series 'We Are Going Net 0': Insights into what it means when a company attempts to become Net 0. Episode 5 of the 7 episodes of 'We Are Going Net 0' E-Book 'Leave a Positive Imprint': How we can achieve our climate goal by 2050. E-book pages, with simple illustrations to make the topic more accessible. Digital Event 'In the Heart of a Syncraft Facility': A digital live tour of a Syncraft facility, with Q&As. Social media marketing, weekly posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. Monthly newsletters to a target group that is strongly connected to the brand.