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The future of HR is immersive

The change in human resources The role of human resources has changed drastically in recent years. Once perceived as a dusty administrative area, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of HR management for crisis management and employee retention. Philipp Kruse, Human Capital Manager at Deloitte Consulting,

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Exciting marketing of tomorrow

Whether traditional videos, immersive marketing or the metaverse – one thing is certain: the future belongs to digital moving images. And not just in private life, but also in the marketing world. This blog entry is about exactly these modern forms of marketing.

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Insights into the new world of B2B buyers

Why companies urgently need to adapt their marketing and sales strategies. As quickly as times change, so do different needs. Supposed boundaries merge seamlessly; thanks to technologies and digitality, everything seems possible these days. This has created a new expectation

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