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Why video marketing has become indispensable for companies.

Whether traditional videos, immersive marketing or the metaverse – one thing is certain: the future belongs to digital moving images. And not just in private life, but also in the marketing world. This blog entry is about exactly these modern forms of marketing.

A current study shows that companies can hardly afford to be on the market without video marketing: in 2023, 91 % businesses are already using video marketing tools1. They are therefore part of the absolute standard for generating attention and for acquiring customers. It is not surprising that video marketing is so popular - after all, 95 % of companies state that its use has increased their brand awareness and 91 % say that it brings more recipients to their website. Not only does general attention increase, but sales also go up to 87 %2 of the companies using it.

The most relevant forms of video marketing include traditional videos, immersive marketing and the metaverse

Video marketing is a very broad term. These can be a wide variety of forms of videos: from live videos to animated videos to interactive videos and the metaverse. Three of the main strands are examined in more detail below.

Traditional videos are the classic form of digital marketing that are most commonly used. These are static videos whose content is passively received. They are comparatively simple and inexpensive to produce, but they run the risk of being lost in the mass of digital content and quickly forgotten after reception. The platforms YouTube, Facebook, Linked In and Instagram are mainly used for publication.

Immersive marketing is a modern form of video marketing and is mainly used for product presentations, automatic sales, digital trade fairs and HR. At least 31 % of the companies that use video marketing are already using interactive videos3. Interactive and immersive videos are still in the starting blocks - there is great potential that can be exploited. It is clear that there is great potential: On the one hand, 90 % of the interactive videos are watched in their entirety, while only 50 - 85 % are watched4 of traditional videos is the case. On the other hand, the interaction rate with 85 % is significantly higher than with classic videos with 66 %5. In addition, it is more likely that the content will remain in the recipient's mind afterwards. The special thing about interactive and immersive videos is that they involve viewers so that they become active rather than passive participants. Because as Confucius recognized: “Tell me and I will forget.” Show me and maybe I'll remember. Let me share and I will understand.”

The Metaverse, in turn, describes the fusion of the real and the virtual world. According to Mark Zuckerberg, it is defined as follows: “The metaverse is an embodied internet that you're inside of rather than just looking at.” The Metaverse is one of the future forms of marketing and is still in early adoption. Customers become part of a virtual world and can thus completely connect with a brand. However, the technology for this is highly complex and is still in its infancy. Currently, the customer also requires the necessary technologies for the experience, such as programs or appropriate glasses, which leads to an inhibition threshold for use.


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