The trailer shows Lukas Scheiber talking to the guests of the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl on Zoom. Example from film series, a total of five films were produced. Example from film series.

Edelweiss & Gurgl


How can the reopening of a premier Tyrolean hotel, following the initial, significant COVID-19 lockdown, be transformed into a remarkable and unforgettable experience?


Recall the first major COVID-19 lockdown—the time of uncertainty, longing, and shared experiences. This sentiment guides our hotel's reopening. We show reality, not idealizations. We've created an extraordinary concept featuring owner Lukas Scheiber making Zoom calls to regular guests, letting them share their memories. This heartfelt video series captures the spirit of those times, emphasizing our deep connection with guests and the desire for more. Join us at [Hotel Name] as we redefine luxury and heartfelt hospitality.